• S-SHAPER Sport Latex Semi Vest
    S-SHAPER Sport Latex Semi Vest
    S-SHAPER Sport Latex Semi Vest
    S-SHAPER Sport Latex Semi Vest
    S-SHAPER Sport Latex Semi Vest
    S-SHAPER Sport Latex Semi Vest
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  • S-SHAPER Sport Latex Semi Vest

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    • h***lx@outlook.com Ordinary 1    2015-12-17 17:04:54
  • m***15@outlook.com Ordinary 1    2015-09-10 16:01:30
  • z***6@outlook.com Ordinary 1    2015-09-02 10:19:59
  • d***676@hotmail.com Ordinary 1    2015-08-20 17:56:07
  • 135****0390 VIP 1    2015-08-20 16:25:47
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  • h***lx@outlook.com (Mall members ) 2015-12-22 09:11:12

    It really helps your posture and helps you lose weight.
    When I wear this, I also realize how bad my posture really is, and how much my extra weight is straining my back. When I have this on, it really takes the load off my back and makes it feel so much better. Once I lose even more weight, my back will have had time to \"recover\" and with the support of the S-Shaper, I will have a much better posture too.

  • m***15@outlook.com (Mall members ) 2015-09-11 08:48:25

    This feels like much better quality than I expected and is surprisingly comfortable. It is also a fine length for petite/short torso people.

  • z***6@outlook.com (Mall members ) 2015-09-02 10:00:51

    I\'ve had my vest for 9 days now I\'m on my 2nd row, I must say that this vest does what it says, my stomach is flatter, my boobs are being retrained to sit up, & the support it gives my back is awesome, I\'m a satisfied customer that will be ordering a smaller size soon... Here\'s to getting waisted.

  • 135****0390 (Mall members ) 2015-08-25 03:10:28

    I like that this vest gives an instant curve, posture correction and flatten my tummy. It is easy to wear. Keep me warm in this winter cold. It didn\'t get 5 star because at time, the vest would shift and the boning in the vest would dug into my skin. It is easily adjustable but it is discomforting until it is corrected.

  • d***676@hotmail.com (Mall members ) 2015-08-21 08:03:22

    It really works I love how it doesn\'t roll up or down and it stays quite tight. I feel like it really holds my tummie in. Although the straps get quite uncomfortable for me it\'s worth that little extra uncomfortableness. After wearing it for a few weeks I think I\'m ready to maybe go down a siZe. :)

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