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    • m*** Ordinary 1    2015-09-10 16:01:30
  • z*** Ordinary 1    2015-09-02 10:19:59
  • d*** Ordinary 1    2015-08-20 17:56:07
  • 135****0390 VIP 1    2015-08-20 16:25:47
  • 5*** Ordinary 1 Size(Free size)  Colors(Black x2)  2015-08-20 15:25:55
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  • m*** (Mall members ) 2015-09-11 08:50:55

    Having had a baby three months ago, These Power Panties suck in your gut and slim your butt and thighs. I bought them to flatten my tummy under a dress for a wedding. I now wear them underneath my jeans and any other pants that I need help squeezing into.

  • z*** (Mall members ) 2015-09-02 10:05:56

    I\'ve had other styles where I could hardly breathe, but this style was not so restrictive yet did the job!

  • 135****0390 (Mall members ) 2015-08-25 03:13:35

    Great smooth lines under my formal dress. Highly recommend. Have to take off to pee though, hole would never work.

  • d*** (Mall members ) 2015-08-21 08:08:43

    I really like these panty, they fit me really good. They do not roll up and the support is great. I will order more of these.

  • 5*** (Mall members ) 2015-08-20 07:43:14

    I am loving it! A amazing product. This high waisted shorty is invisible and comfortable, but keep everything in. I\'m wearing these in shorter dresses with a full skirt. They\'re perfect for what I need.Thanks

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