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    New innovative fabric includes hundreds of tourmaline beads, which help burning fat without squeezing. 
    Slim the tummy, thighs and bottom;
    Constant massage effect;
    Flat out the most comfortable thinnovation around! This utra-thin, high-waisted Shorty fits like a second skin, combining comfortable smoothing with the flattest fit ever;
Full-coverage firming! Slimming starts just below the bra line for a streamlined look;
Cotton gusset for comfort—wear as underwear to eliminate VPL (Visible Panty Lines).
    Body: Spandex/ Elastane 65% Nylon with Tourmaline beads Gusset: 100% Cotton.

    What is Tourmaline beads:

    The Tourmaline beads exert a micro massage on the skin thanks to their domed shape, which allows the blood and lymph circulation to be increased, speeding up metabolism and eliminating fatigue rapidly.

    Tourmaline is a mineral with natural electromagnetic properties. 70% of human body is water. Tourmaline’s effect energizes the water molecules to become individual molecules, this increases the oxygen uptake. Human cells thus resume vitality. Individual water molecules can move freely in and out of cells, this activity transmits heat energy in deep tissue to slightly increase the regional temperature. This increases blood circulation; promote elimination of toxins, calories burning and speed up elimination of orange peel effect (cellulite skin).

    Women's Size Chart
    This size chart is intended for reference only. Sizes can vary between brands.

    US Clothing 
    Chest/Bust Measurement (in inches)
    Waist Measurement (in inches)
    Hips (8" from waist)
    4-16 34-44 26-37 36.5-46

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  • h*** (Mall members ) 2015-12-22 09:25:51

    Fit excellent and they don't roll up or down and easy to take it off. This seamless product is very comfortable. For the product itself it fits great and really slims my body down.

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